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Providence-class carrier/destroyer (Trade Federation Cruiser)
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Separatist Alliance

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The Trade Federation Cruiser, formally known as the Providence-class carrier/destroyer, is a CIS starship featured in Star Wars: Battlefront II and its handheld successors. It serves as the flagship of a Separatist task-force in all major CIS space engagements in Battlefront II and Battlefront: Renegade Squadron. It features one large hangar with two exits, one on the port side of the vessel, the other on the starboard side. From this one hangar spawns the Separatist starfighters for the engagement - Droid Tri-Fighters, CIS Strike Bombers, Vulture Droids, and Droid Gunships.


Name Image Ammo
Heavy Ship Cannons Particle Cannon Two Hardpoints
Ship Repeating Blasters Repeating Blaster Ten Hardpoints

Ship Systems[]


  • The in-game ship does not follow Star Wars canon because it is far too small. Also it is far too simple as it is missing its lower spire, its forward bridge, sensor spires, and lots of weapons.
  • The Trade Federation cruiser is also known as the Providence-class Destroyer. The most famous of which was the Invisible Hand, which was the flagship of Nute Gunray before General Grievous claimed it for himself. It was destroyed in the Battle of Coruscant.
  • This ship does not appear in the instant action space battles of Elite Squadron and is replaced by a variant of the Banking Clan Comms Ship with a hangar. It does, however, appear in the campaign.
  • The ship is unique in its hanger size; while Rebels, Imperials and the Republic have roughly as much hanger space
  • There is a glitched section of the ship that allows the player to fly inside the ship, and into the hangar bay through a non-physical wall. When the 'Targeting Control Bridge' is destroyed, there is a small gap between the surface and the wreckage model. If you fly through it, you should be able to glitch inside.