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Weapon Type Blaster Pistol / Shotgun
Ammo Unlimited
Used By Super Battle Droid
Icon Tri-Shot

The Tri-Shot is the Secondary Attack of the Super Battle Droid. It fires three shots simultaneously in a triangular pattern. This weapon is great for close combat as it is effectively a shotgun with no ammo consumption. It is inadvisable to use the Tri-Shot at long distance, as the spread makes it difficult to land a hit. However, because the spray is consistent, long range combat is still possible, though rather ineffective.


The Tri-Shot trades projectile count for uniform spray and damage per shot. Each bolt deals as much damage as a bolt from the Super Battle Droid's Wrist Blaster, and as such a direct hit with all three is devastating, particularly against weaker units, such as the Clone Sharpshooter. The Tri-Shot has noticeably less charge in Battlefront 2, being able to fire only three times back-to-back before overheating, versus four in the original Battlefront, though at the exchange of being more powerful; in the original Battlefront, each individual bolt from the Tri-Shot dealt only 93% of the damage dealt by a bolt from the Wrist Rifle. With the properties it has, the Tri-Shot makes for an excellent close-quarters weapon if the Wrist Rifle is unavailable or just won't do the job. Aiming directly for the head is ill-advised in most cases, as the spread of the Tri-Shot will not guarantee a headshot unless at close range or when carefully aimed at longer ranges. A body shot is the best way to go most of the time, with a bolt going to each shoulder and the third to the abdomen.



  • The Tri-Shot in the original Battlefront has more range than in Battlefront 2.
  • The sound effect for the tri-shot in Star Wars Battlefront 1 is the same sound effect for the regular wrist blaster with a lower frequency. The sound effect in Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a completely new sound effect.