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The Turbolaser is a semi-automatic stationary turret in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront found on certain Walker Assault and Supremacy maps, such as SoroSuub Centroplex or Cloud City.


The Turbolaser can fire up to ten deadly shots that are capable of one-shot killing all infantry without any damage modifiers (such as the Bodyguard Trait or Bacta Bomb). In addition, the Turbolaser can deal significant damage to vehicles, 2-shot killing TIE Fighters, TIE Interceptors, A-Wings, and X-Wings. The Turbolaser can sustain heavy amounts of fire before exploding, having roughly 300 base health, unlike the DF-9, although it can only move in 180° motions.

As the Turbolaser counts as a vehicle, Ion-based weapons have augmented damage against it. The blaster bolts from the Turbolaser are also explosive, adding extra splash damage upon each hit.


There are many ways to destroy a Turbolaser turret. This includes:

Firing an Ion based weapon on it or throw a bomb at it or if you are close enough to it get right in front of it the Turbolaser can not reach that far and duck so it can not shoot you at the head or if you do not duck in time it will kill you but it will damage itself.

For a little bit of extra protection you can place a squad shield right next to it. the turbolaser can shoot through it. this might not be that useful because most ion weapons will destroy the shield because of splash damage

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