Turning Point is a game mode featured in Star Wars Battlefront.


Turning Point was released as part of the free Battle of Jakku expansion pack which included two maps, Graveyard of Giants and Goazan Badlands. Graveyard of Giants was the only map that Turning Point was available on until the February Update, when all maps that supported Walker Assault and Supremacy were added to Turning Point.


Turning Point is an attack/defend style mode where the Rebels are tasked with capturing various control points located around the map. If they succeed in capturing just one control point in one area, they claim the entire area and the battle shifts to the next area of the map. The number of control points decreases in each area, making it harder to penetrate Imperial defenses. Whenever they capture at least one control point, they are given some more time.

The Empire is tasked with defending these control points from the Rebels by any means necessary. Capture progress of a control point cannot be reclaimed, so they must take care that they spread their forces evenly as to not leave a control point undefended. They originally possess all control points. If they lose all control points, they're defeated. If the Empire holds at least one control point before time runs out, they claim victory.

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These are the maps that Turning Point is playable on:

Trivia Edit

  • Turning Point was the only game mode in Star Wars Battlefront that took place on only one map, Graveyard of Giants, before the February Update was released, which allowed it to be played on all of the other maps.
  • Unlike Walker Assault and Supremacy, heroes aren't playable in Turning Point. This is most likely because this game mode partakes after the destruction of the second Death Star, making all Imperial heroes deceased.
  • In Walker Assault, Graveyard of Giants is set in the afternoon, while in Turning Point it is set in the middle of the day.
  • In Walker Assault and Turning Point, Twilight on Hoth is set at night, while Supremacy and other game modes are set in the day.
  • Turning Point is the first game mode to be added by DLC.
  • Turning Point is similar to the Gamemode Operations in Battlefield 1, as both have the attacking team capture control points in an area/sector to move on and have the defending team defend the control points from being captured. However, unlike operations, there is no soldier limit, and there are no second chances to secure control points. Also, the Rebels only need to capture one control point at a time.
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