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The Twi'lek is one of eight alien head Appearances in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront. It changes the player's head to that of a Twi'lek. This customization option can be purchased for the Rebel Alliance at Rank 50 for 17,000 Credits. In Star Wars Battlefront II, the Twi'lek is an apearence for the specialist in the Resistance and the Rebel Alliance. However it is at the rare status and costs 20,000 credits to purchase.


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The Twi'lek head Appearance can be used with the following body Appearances:

Icon Body Unlock Rank Cost Faction
Rebel Soldier Body Icon Rebel Soldier None None Rebel Alliance
Bespin Wing Guard Body Icon Bespin Wing Guard Rank 65 20,000 Credits Rebel Alliance
X-Wing Pilot Body Icon X-Wing Pilot Rank 75 25,000 Credits Rebel Alliance
Rebel Officer Body Icon Rebel Specialist Rank 85 30,000 Credits Rebel Alliance



Death Star Update

  • Appearances have been divided into two options: head and body. This change allows the Twi'lek Appearance to be used with other body Appearances other than Rebel Soldier, such as the Bespin Wing Guard.