aka Ronnie Anne Santiago

  • I live in Great Lakes City
  • I was born on August 15
  • My occupation is A Swiss army knife of editor, vandalism fixer, transcript creator, student, admin on Star Wars: Force Arena Wiki, FtF and Doug Wiki.
  • I am all the Jedi

Hello there!

I am just a simple man trying to make his way around the galaxy, and a passionate editor for all things Star Wars Battlefront II (DICE). I am only a Padawan, but I hope to become a Jedi Master in the future.

(I also picked up Star Wars Battlefront (DICE) when it was on discount, and Cargo is my favorite mode.

How am I in Battlefront II? Edit

I have played the game since December 2018, and I consider myself to be an above-average player. In hero modes, I normally main Rey and Kylo Ren (or if I feel like it, Luke Skywalker/DICE, Anakin Skywalker/DICE, Darth Vader/DICE or Count Dooku) and I can usually achieve first in the MVP screen. I play on PS4, so if you see me in Heroes vs. Villains or wherever mode you find me (Online ID is same as here and I play that mode a lot) drop a quick hello there!

My Preferred Hero Skins Edit

My Characters Edit

Sorted from highest to lowest. As of November 11, 2019

  • Kylo Ren: 226
  • Rey: 213
  • Anakin Skywalker: 79
  • Luke Skywalker: 76
  • Darth Vader: 58
  • Count Dooku: 50

Projects on the Battlefront Wiki Edit

What have I been doing?

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