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  • I live in Gondor when the Westfold fell
  • My occupation is Student, Actor, Moderator at the Star Wars Battlefront Wiki
  • I am The Senate
  • Bio Spider-Maul, Spider-Maul

    Does what ever a sith assassin cut in half can

    Spins a lightsaber, double bladed,

    Kenobi's the one he hates

    Look out, here comes the Spider-Maul

    Is he strong, With the force?

    He's a Sith, Duh, of course!

    Hey there, there goes the Spider-Maul

    Hes got a Nightbrothers bite

    And at the scene of a fight

    With the streak of red kyber

    He slays foes in fast time

    Spider-Maul, Spider-Maul

    Friendly neighborhood Spider-Maul

    His master's wrath he's ignored

    Vengeance is his reward

    To him, life is a great big slice-up

    Wherever there's a toss-up

    You''l find the Spider-Maul

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