Haldir from the Lord of the Rings (My Idol)

Hi my real name is D4NI3L version 1•02β, but I'm probably not allowed to give my serial number because I'm a secret under-cover machine. I support Liverpool FC and Glasgow Celtic FC. I live in Ireland. During WWII, I defeated the Nazi's through the use of robot soldiers calling themselves the 'Allies' I can turn into a piece of dust at will. During World War 15 (1 zillion years in the future) I commanded an entire squad of fully-fledged Martians, Plutonians, Lunar and Neptunian (Don't forget Earthican) to victory against the Daleks. I died in that battle but I now take form of a Force Ghost just as Ben Kenobi did. (Let me tell you one thing, the Fairies in that drasted LEPrecon base, are watching you {including that pain in the behind centaur Foaly}) Because I am a robot, I cannot lie and I do not have a sense of humour.

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