Hello there! I am Reddyredcp, but you can call me Thomas. I'm a college student and an administrator on the Star Wars Battlefront Wiki dedicated to the Battlefront video game franchise that I, myself, actively play as a huge Star Wars fan. I also am a contributor to several other Wikis across Fandom. Feel free to leave me a message on my wall if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

Background[edit | edit source]

I played the original Star Wars: Battlefront games developed by Pandemic Studios when I was very young with my brother and friends. I became more actively involved the Battlefront community around 2015 when it had already been announced that DICE, the developers behind the Battlefield series, were taking the reins of a rebooted Battlefront.

I started my work on Fandom when it was still known as Wikia as a contributor on Wookieepedia, motivated by love for Star Wars and its stories, and have worked on several other Wikis, including the Game of Thrones Wiki and Sly Cooper Wiki. My name, Reddyredcp, comes from my favorite color, also the color of my hair, red, and an old alias I went by when I played Club Penguin as a child, but I more often go by my real name, Thomas, today.

On the Star Wars Battlefront Wiki, I am primarily focused on keeping the Wiki up to date with the latest news and updates from DICE's current live service game, Star Wars Battlefront II, as well as all future Star Wars projects.

Prior to and during my early days on Wikia, I moderated several forums on the internet and was an active member of others.

I currently am a student in college.

I can be reached out to on my message wall here on the Star Wars Battlefront Wiki or other Wikis that I contribute to.

Favorites[edit | edit source]

Star Wars Battlefront II (DICE)

Star Wars in general

  • Favorite character: Luke Skywalker
  • Favorite hero (other than Luke): Princess Leia
  • Favorite villain: Boba Fett
  • Favorite faction: Galactic Empire
  • Favorite soldier: Scout Troopers!
  • Jedi or Sith?: Jedi
  • Favorite Star Wars game (other than Battlefront): LEGO Star Wars - all of them!
  • Favorite movie: The Empire Strikes Back
  • Favorite TV show: Star Wars: The Clone Wars


  • Favorite TV show: Game of Thrones
  • Favorite video game: Battlefield 1
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