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  • I live in UK/England
  • I am male

Navy Commando

hello i just wanted to say that i play both battlefront games on my ps2 console andhave a collection of edits i wanted to make...hi if you want to see my battlefront 3 page click here and my game i want from lucasarts here

My favorite pagesEdit

operation trailershots
operation trailer shots is a group of us taking and finding images from the battlefornt game trailers and releasing them in mods Shocktrooper11 19:40, November 4, 2011
Star Wars Battlefront II PlayStation 2 Trailer - Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront II PlayStation 2 Trailer - Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront Trailer 2

Star Wars Battlefront Trailer 2

Star Wars Battlefront Trailer 1

Star Wars Battlefront Trailer 1

All wikis i likeEdit

Star Wars Galaxies

Empire At War

Republic Commando

Advance Recon Commando

501ST Legion

Galactic Civil War

The Galactic Commands


XBOX Star Wars

The Old Republic

Star Wars Games

Lego Star Wars

Battlefront 1Edit

Favourite classesEdit

Republic : Arc Trooper,Jet Trooper,Clone Commander (cut content)

Rebels: Rebel Vanguard

CIS: Droid Sniper

Empire: All

Favourite VehiclesEdit

Republic: Republic Interceptor,74-Z Speeder Bike

Rebels: 74-Z Speeder Bike,Snowspeeder




Most Kills 94 - Kashyyyk: Docks - Jet Trooper and Arc Trooper

Least Kills 14 - Bespin: Platforms

Most Kills in Vehicles 36 - Geonosis: Spire - Geoonoian Starfighter

Least Kills in Vehicles 5 - Geonosis; Spire - Geonosian Starfighter


Most Vehicles destroyed in one battle - Kashyyyk: Docks - Arc Trooper

Most Death's in one battle 23 - Bespin: Platforms

Least Deaths in one battle 1 - Nabbo- Rebellion in Theed

Kill/Death Ratio - 2:43

Battlefront 2Edit

Favourite units Edit

Republic : Jet trooper



This is my Gallery...

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