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I think there should be 2 disc's one for galactic civil war and one for clone wars.Edit

Classes/unit's EMPIREEdit

Solider:Stormtrooper: Equipment: Blaster Rifle,Blaster Pistol,Thermal Detonator,Concussion Grenade.

Heavy:Shock Trooper: Equipment: Missile Launcher,Blaster Pistol,Thermal Detonator,Proximity Mines.

Sniper:Scout Trooper: Equipment: Sniper Rifle, Scout Pistol, Recon Droid, Thermal Detonator.

Engineer:AT-ST Pilot: Equipment: Blast Cannon, Fusion Cutter, Deployable Turret,Health and Ammo Packs.

Aireal: Jumptrooper: Equipment: Repeating Blaster, Flamethrower, Concussion Grenades.

Support: Imperial Navy Commando: Equipment: Laser Rifle, Blaster Pistol,Concussion Grenade.

Officer:Imperial Officer: equipment:mortar launcher, Sonic Pistol, Detpack Health and Ammo Packs.

Special:Dark Trooper Phase One: Equipment: Arc Caster, Commando Pistol,Concussion Grenade,Thermal Detonator

Unique: Stormtrooper Commander: Equipment: Handsize Chain Gun, Blaster Pistol, Detpack, Thermal Detonator

classes/unit's REBELSEdit

solider:Rebel Soldier: equipment blaster rifle,blaster pistol,thermal detanator

heavy:Rebel Vanguard: equipment:rocket launcher,blaster pistol,mines,concussion grenades

sniper:Rebel Marksman: equipment:sniper rifle,blaster pistol,thermal detanator

engineer:wookie pilot:equipment:wookie pistol,fushion cutter,detpacks

aireal:rebel jumptrooper: equipment:commando pistol,repeating rifle, concussion grenades

support Wookiee Warrior: equipment:bowcaster,grenade launcher,health and ammo packs

officer:rebel commander: equipment:chaingun,blaster pistol,detpack,deployable turret

special:rebel mortar trooper: equipment:rebel style bulldog rlr,commando pistol,concussion grenades,deployable mortar

unique:Bothan Spy: equipment:incinerator,stealth,time bomb,regeneration


rebel commander(left)and rebel mortar troopers(right)

=classes/units CISEdit

solider:Battle Droid: equipment:blaster rifle,blaster pistol,concussion grenade thermal detanator

heavy:Assault Droid: equipment:rocket launcher,blaster pistol,detpack

sniper:Assassin Droid or sniper droideka.

Assassin Droid: equipment:sniper rifle,blaster pistol,recon droid,concussion grenade

sniper droideka: equipment:sniper rifle,mini repeating blasters

engineer:Engineer Droid: equipment: shotgun,fushion cutter,mines,deployable turret

aireal:air droid: equipment: heavy wrist blasters,jetpack rockets

support:Super Battle Droid: equipment:wrist blaster,tri shot,wrist rocket

officer:MagnaGuard: equipment:bulldog rlr,radiation launcher,concussion grenade,health and ammo packs

special:Droideka: equipment:repeating blasters,shield emitter

unique:B3 ultra battledroid: equipment:wrist blaster,shoulder rockets,side guns:flamethrower

Magna Cape

                                                                                   a magna guard

classes/units republicEdit

Clone Trooper same equipment a battlefront 2

Heavy Trooper same equipmaent as battlefront 2

Clone Sharpshooter same equipment as battlefront 2

Clone Engineer same equipmant as battlefront 2

Jet Trooper same equipmant as battlefront 2

arc trooper blast cannon repeating blaster det pack thermal detanator

Clone Commander same equipment as battlefront 2

clone leuitenant grenade launcher attachment commando pistol concussion grenades

clone captain duel weild pistols,heavy blaster pistol,sticky grenades,concussion grenades

Clone Commando clone commando weapons (see republic commando wiki)

units/classes spaceEdit

empire Edit

pilot:Imperial Pilot : equipment: commando pistol,fushion cutter,detpack,time bomb

marine:Imperial Marine: equipment: blaster rifle,missile launcher,concussion grenades thermal detanators

space: space trooper: equipment: repeating blaster,mortar launcher,wrist rockets,sticky grenades

File:Space Trooper 006.jpg
File:Images (1).jpg
these imageson the right are all examples of the space trooper one of the shows a regular storm trooper with some space like features such as air tanks a jetpack and a tube and even a breathing pack.the second image shows a mix between a dark trooper and a storm trooper to create the space trooper with a different helmet to most storm trooper variants.this bottom image shows a dark trooper like person with some spacey stuff too .


pilot:Droid Pilot : equipment:commando pistol,fushion cutter,time bomb

marine:Droid Marine: equipment:blaster rifle,rocket launcher,concussion grenades

space: jetpack droid: equipment:blast cannon,grenade launcher,concusion grenades


pilot:Clone Pilot : equipment:commando pistol,fusion cutter,time bomb,health and ammo packs

marine:Clone Marine: equipment:blaster rifle,missile launcher,concussion grenades,thermal detanator

space: marine jet trooper: equipment:grenade launcher attachment,blaster pistol,concussion grenade


pilot:Rebel Pilot : equipment:blaster pistol,fusion cutter,time bomb,

marine:Rebel Marine: equipment: blaster rifle,missile launcher,thermal detanator

space:rebel marine with jetpack: equipment:rocket launcher,concussion grenade

new vehiclesEdit

executor class-dreadnought with very large interior and many other features

bigger cruisers and frigates with detailed interiors

more from the tie series such as...

tie heavy bomber

tie interidictor

tie hunter

tie opresser

and loads more

File:250px-AT-IC toy.jpg

mtt's have to be in game i realy want to go in one

republic swamp speeder

all terrain ion cannon if this is in game it will make its first apperance

lucrehulk class battleship and control ship
Lucrehulk-class battleship

new mapsEdit

hoth with more AT-ATs and more AT-STs and bigger echo basemore cannons and a command post wich is a rebel transport.

utapau with AT-STs flying vehcles and some hints from the SWBFII trailer original map

mustafar with flying vehcles some walkers and lava platform command post

have kashyyyk maps from both games

every planet with 2 maps

planet qut chrystic

mon calamari

bespin platforms with more platforms and vehicles

original naboo map from SWBFI trailer

lots of original map from trailers for all battlefront games

toola with clone snow troopers

endor on a snowy day

original geonosis map from battlefront trailer

kamino with flying vehicles and anti air turrets originaly in battlefront 1

dagobah with bigger cave and swamp creatures

planetary unitsEdit

snow trooper hoth and rhen var

snow scout hoth and rhen var

AT-AT driver hoth and rhen var

death star gunner death star

rad trooper qut chrystic

rad trooper commander qut chrystic

imperial officer with gas mask qut chrystic

sand trooper geonosis and tatooine

sand shock trooper geonosis and tatooine

sand scouttrooper geonosis and tatooine

all different rebel uniform from all battlefront games

phase one clones geonosis bespin tatooine and rhen var harbor not citadel sniper droideka rhen var citadel

sea trooper mon calamari

scuba trooper mon calamari

magma trooper mustafar


rank 1 private

rank 2 seagrent bonus defence increse

rank 3 luitenant bonus attack increse

rank 4 captain bonus precision firing

rank 5 commander bonus more damage more stamina and more ammo

rank 6 elite bonus more health more ammo more precision more stealth

rank 7 general bonus all thebelow put together with self ammo reload

rank 8 elite general bonus all below plus one more weapon to pick

ctf classes/unitsEdit


incinerator trooper: equipment:incinerator,lazer pistol,incinerator grenades
Incinerator Trooper

Imperial Heavy Trooper: equipment:electrostaff,health and ammo packs

imperial navy commando officer:lazer sniper rifle,blaster rifle,rally(defense increse)

dark trooper phase 3: equipment:handsize chaingun,repeating rifle,concussion grenades


monclamari vanguard:missile launcher,blaster pistol,mines,thermal detanator

rebel commando: equipment:repeating blaster:lazer pistol,thermal detanator

sullust solider: equipment:blaster pistol,fushion cutter,time bomb

rebel gunner: equipment:shotgun,commando pisol,thermal detanator


cb3 cortosis battle droid: equipment:duel wrist blasters,wrist rockets

flame battle droid: equipment:built in flamethrowers,

grapple droid: equipment:grapple arms,electric grapple arms

utapau ctf:red grapple droid:equipment:grapple arms,electric grapple arms,earthquake attack

B2-HA super battle droid: equipment:built in rocket launcher,wrist blaster


clone seargent:lazer blaster rifle,commando pistol,thermal detanator

barc trooper:sniper rifle:blaster pistol,emp grenades

clone heavy weapons specialist:equipment:missile launcher,grenade launcher,mines,detpacks

blaze trooper: equipment:flame thrower,incinerator grenades


damaged droids have sparcks coming out of there chassis

clones with damage marks on their armor

storm troopers with damaged armor

rebels have dirty uniform if damaged

dark trooper with sparks from it chassis

and stuff like that

logs roll down hills and trip over AT-ST;s like battlefront 1 trailer

customize troopersBf3 descriptionElite squad 7Elite squad 5
Elite squad 3

npc classesEdit

geonosis:geonosion warrior


rhen var:wampa

jedi temple:temple security force:temple solider,temple vanguard,temple scout,temple technision

tatooine:jawa,tusken raider,tusken hunter

kashyyyk:wookiee,wookiee vanguard,wookiee engineer

kamino:anti-troopers:anti trooper,rail arc trooper

naboo theed:naboo security force:naboo guard,naboo vanguard,
Sentinel Class

naboo plains:gungans

felucia: acklay

new modesEdit

team deathmatchEdit

you get points for what ever you destroy even teammates

team cpuEdit

with this mode the console plays the battle for you.

ctf with customizable number of flagsEdit

go to the options menu you can pick the number of flags on the battlefield 1flag to 9flag


there should be an area of gameplay where you can mod anything you want and unlimited mods

maps modified

units modified

weapons modified

vehicles modified

addable cut content

hunt modeEdit


acklay vs clone sharpshooter,heavy trooper and clone engineer.


ewoks vs scout troopers and stormtroopers.


gungans vs naboo guard,naboo vanguard,naboo pilot and naboo commander.


wampa's vs rebel solider,rebel vanguard,rebel marksman,rebel engineer and wookiee warrior.

mos eisleyEdit

rebls all variants vs tusken raiders.

dune seaEdit

jawas vs imperial officers and dark troopers.

rhen varEdit


anikan skywalker

anikan skywalker hood and cape

darth vader

more soon

wampa's vs rebel solider's.


geonosians vs clone sharpshooters andclone commander's.

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