I am back, again, and I will be gathering pages of strategies and glitches together as I said in my blog several months ago. This will be my priority in the next few days, which will lead to a massive page count drop, that is for sure. On the note, users, please do not create new pages anymore for new strategies and glitches, the new guidelines are being posted at the central pages of the two category. This may be disappointing to some, but our category of Strategies and Glitches will also drop down to about half or more. If you see a page that needed to moved to be merged with another article, please put in the template Move with the divider ( " | " which is \ when your press Shift) and put in page for it to be moved into. What's after? Refining stub pages, rewording what is needed, and DeWookieefy and probably more to come. Other than that, it is good to be back! Any problems, you can ether contact me on my talk page or comment it here. Thanks for reading and happy editing!

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