Okay, guys, I just remember a funny battlefront experience: I was being Boba Fett with my Battlefront Extreme 2.2 with a fusion cutter. Then I saw a smoking General Grievous (Addition in the mod to show that some machanicals are damaged, battle droids do it too!) so I want to see if I can "repair him" so I turn on the fusion cutter and sparks shot out, so I thought I was fixing him...then Grievous died. Confused, I point the fusion cutter to Vader, who was at full health, and soon he died too...So I thought it kills everybody, so I walk up to darth maul and did the same thing. But maul did not die. I guess it only works with machines! (I should try with battle droids next time!) Soon afterward, I switch side to be Han Solo and pretend to be a bartender in that cantena enemy CP, putting Mines on the tables as "Pancakes" and as soon as vader or Grievous spawns, I killed them with fusion cutter...I can only imagine their grave stones in the some planet on battlefront saying "Killed by the Fusion Cutter"

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