Have you guys heard? Our much to beloved SW:BF3 is coming to town! It was confirmed on E3 and it's producers will be DICE. Now, why would I write a blog about common but surprising knowledge? I didn't! I am going to express my reaction on randomly searching "Battlefront 3" on Google this very day around 15 minutes ago!

Setting: Couch

Device of Information: iPad

Last Thing I Checked Before BF3 Info: N/A

Time: Approx. 5:15 pm MDT

Irony of the Day: Was just ranting about no BF3 and enjoyment of BF1 and 2 earlier that day, Approx. 2.5 hours ago.

Awkward Moment: Tornado warning while in school, after BF talk.

Reaction Data:

  1. Type "Battlefront 3" on Google.
  2. Found a link to E3 and
  3. Click both.
  4. Saw video.
  5. Have doubts.
  6. Look at more resources.
  7. Eyes open. Refuse to blink.
  8. Jaw unable to mantain closed structure.
  9. "Geekdom" exploded.
  10. Run randomly, uncoordinated.
  11. Flick open laptop, enter wiki.
  12. Welcome a new user.
  13. Sign in.
  14. Erase the IP address signature, add in real signature.
  15. Welcome a staff who edit in this wiki that I never met before.
  16. Write this blog.
  17. Click publish.
  18. Click Edit.
  19. Add # 11-20
  20. Click publish again.
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