Alright everybody, the update for this wiki is here! No, this update does not effect your ability to cheer on the 2012 Olympic in London, ENG, UK; but it is enough to keep you on top of things:

Users Update:

  • Anakin Skyobiliviator (me) will be moving to Canada on August 4. Yes, that makes me the first Canadian in this wiki, and my time zone is one hour behind my current time zone (6 hours before UTC/GMC time).
  • Speaking of nationalism, we got a new user from Brazil! His name is PEACEMAKER180. Remember that English is not his first language, so respect his restrictions with spelling and grammar.

Wiki Update:

  • On the Main Page, we now have a map that allows you to see the country you are currently living on, and a listing from that country with your name on it. Remember, this is about where you are living, not born (due to privacy issues. Vacations don't count.) If you see yourself or your country or both (if it is the case, silly me) do come and talk to me.
  • According to Wikia, we might get a "Related Video" gallery. More information here.
  • The 501st Journal Newspaper is now coming weekly, fresh off the editing presses at some time on Sunday night, ready to read on Monday morning, if schedule permits. If it doesn't, expect update on Newspaper on Monday night and readable on Tuesday morning. Administrators that want to contribute to newspaper, please contact me.
  • Last warning on the Recent Uploaded Pictures. Take em' or be taken. Rules on this is that the none related battlefront pictures, including the unofficial helmet contest entrees, need to be put somewhere - like the user page - claiming that the picture is what you get as a prize, and is your own helmet, in the case of the helmet contest. Any only on the blogs and is untouched will be deleted. The cleaning process starts on Friday, August 3.
  • About blogs, the limit has been set temporarily. Limits is one blog a week unless it is an emergency. Each blog need to have the minimum of three sentences. Filling up a blog post to the brim with pictures and videos and with little words are prohibited due to unorganized looks and making this wiki look uncontrolled and cluttered.
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