I know that some of you have questions for me and don't want to let the other users see. Maybe you got a funny joke you want me to share, or perhaps that you have to report cyber-bullying of a user but don't want to do it by your self. I understand that completely and I will try to help you by giving my Wikia contact email:

But there are rules to what you can submit to me.

  1. No inapporpriate language in the message.
  2. Blackmailing is NOT allowed.
  3. Spamming me will result a serious block along with the action above and I will NOT respond to you.
  4. An entry of inapporpriate images/video will also result a block.
  5. Remeber that your secrets are safe with me unless it is about bullying, whether it be you getting bullied or your plan to bully someone. (If you are being bullied, I will discuss with the other admins, if you plan to bully others, you will instantly get a block upon reading the email.)
  6. Showing your anger of a block to me via email will only expand your block time. If you reason your side of the opinion in a civilized manner, I might consider.
  7. If you got an admin request, my email is not the right place.
  8. Some days I get a lot of wikia email, so be patient with me.
  9. As always, be civilized.
  10. Make sure every message is meaningful, meaning don't title the email "Hi" and all you put in the message is "Hi!" Wikia chat will do that job.
  11. I will try to remember whos email account is whos, so if I mistaken you for somebody else, just correct me.

Remember: I know most of you speech pattern, so don't think you can evade my detection just because your email account is not your wikia name.

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