I am very sorry for a lack of presence, as I am busy on things that is rather annoying and extremely time consuming. So to anyone that check the blogs, how have this wiki been? If you are new, welcome! I will send a greeting to your way if I haven't already. I know that this wiki don't really have much of an activity but, hang in there! One more year of waiting to go before DICE release their version of the what-you-have-been-waiting-for game and this place will be so full, we need every ounce (gram?) of our admin will to peer into the mess named "Recent History" to turn everything to standards and I will probably gain a cramp for typing welcome to every new user...XD But! That is alright because as long as I can create a happy community, I can type to my bones to all of you! Then again, I might get the same result if users abuse their rights and face righteousness. Good thing I am not alone in this...right? Please keep up the good work!

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