Here we are again, folks! A year has pass and a new one is about to begin! Last year, we don't know how to react and everyone was going on about "Oh, dear. It is the end of 2012, did the guys in archaeology department read the Mayan calender right?" But now there is nothing to worry about (sorry to Hippocrates out there!) and I wish all of you a Merry Christmas (or Kwanzaa or Hanuka) and a Happy New Year! I hopefully send a seasonal greetings to your talk pages, but if I miss you, I give you my sincerest apology for my forgetfulness! Sorry that I haven't been really on this year, but I have gotten busy, and I use my spare time helping out a wiki that is starting up. Thank you, admin team for being there in any time of need. Again, have a great stupendous Holiday season! Sorry, but there is no holiday imagery this year, as I lack the time...However, if you post an idea what pictures I should make (to new users, must be Star Wars related) I might just make it and post it on this blog! :D

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