Although I never played the Beta, I have seen enough footage on YouTube to finalize my thought on the game thus far. The first and the most obvious compliment goes to the amazing graphics the game contains. Each rockface comes to life at every scene and is pure eye-candy. The game play itself seems to be very smooth, and from the views from Survival game mode, it shows that singleplayer lovers can have a chance to enjoy the action as well. The sound design is superb, from the metallic clang of the AT-AT to the spine-tingling roar of the Mon Cal cruiser. To keep with the tradition, the game looks like a promising shooter that anyone in the family can enjoy. Walker Assault seems restrictive upon my first impression, but after hearing so many good stories from it, the problem can be easily overlooked.

But despite this, I do have one major issue. voice acting. As you probably heard many times before, some voices - particularly those from Darth Vader - is disappointing. My initial reaction the the Dark Lord of the Sith's voice was a man using one of those Hasbro voice-changer helmets; but it soon degrade to somebody speaking in a relatively deep voice with a bucket over his head. In one video of Drop Zone, I was struck by how.... unmotivated the Imperial Officer announcer sounds. In response to Rebels taking over an escape pod, the Officer merely said something along the lines of "the Rebel Alliance is capturing the escape pod. We cannot allow that to happen," in the calm tone that shows a lack of resistance. This is a stark contrast to the determined Officer of the originals barking at the soldiers for not properly defending their command post with something such as "the Rebels have took over the Command Post! Take it back!"

Overall, the game is very well done and I am massively impressed by what DICE has done to the game, but with a little more efforts toward making the voice acting believable and powerful, and this will be a game well worth the Battlefront title.

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