Ever since I came back, I notice that a some pictures that have been uploaded into this wiki by users are not fitting to the pre-set policy and protocol. Let this be a reminder that at this time, our main goal is to be the best resource material on the Battlefront Series. To do so, we have great editors like you and your kin, but what is an article without a picture? It may be another scribble that is unheard of by many. But with pictures, one's imagination may be aided by a basis of guidelines to imagine the character with the ring of their name. Now comes with the problem of relevant pictures. This is the Star Wars Battlefront Wiki, we try our best to put in Battlefront based pictures instead of an image from other media. I admit, some do slip in, but like pests, we can help root it out and find a Battlefront duplicate for it. And recent pictures that have no contribution to articles or the wiki system, please note that any that is not claimed, will be indeed removed, I am not trying to be mean but I am just doing my job to remove the clutter. Thank you for reading. I hope this message make you think before you upload another image.

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