Hello, battlefront players! In this stressed time, I thought of an idea that will make this wiki popular: Strategy Video! One of the user that has a video recording program for PC, voted by the people of this wiki, will make an account on YouTube called "Battlefront Wiki" and take video of them playing Battlefront, post it on YouTube, then come back here to the wiki, add that video on ether the original page below the articles and put in the category "video link" or make a new page called "Strategy Video: <Name of strategy here>" and add the same category.

How to nominate: Comment on this blog and put in "I Nominate" and after everyone has done that, I think I will make a poll on this blog.

Audio Note: The user submitting must have a strong point in English with no grammar errors, minimum slangs, please. The recording program must be at least Audicity rating or higher, must use microphone for recordings. Retake if nessessory. No profanity or complaining of how you keep dying.

Video Note: Good quality, minimum video crashes, Fraps quality or higher, try to not constantly die, edit or retake the video if needed. Subtitles optional.

Those who win the vote have to make more than one video and be given the rank "Battlefront Reporter."

Mod Notice: If you have a mod, please make sure the mod don't effect the:

  1. Enviroment (map)
  2. Reignforcement count
  3. Unit looks
  4. Unit veriety
  5. Unit's weapon
  6. Vehicles

It is the best to use the original out-of-store state.

Mand'alor Skyobiliviator The Devastator 21:25, October 1, 2011 (UTC)

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