Okay, now that everyone is happy and back along with the back and forth conversation of attacking aliens with M&Ms and forcing ourselves to avoid staring at Obi's profile picture of the child of the evil Joker (or what ever it sure give us the chill) now time to get started again. The to do list:

  • Work on the category Need to DeWookieefy to avoid exact copy of Wookieepedia articles.
  • Update all pages with the category Need Update.
  • Any pages that sound redundant with another page in this wiki must be reworded.
  • Try to remove bias from articles unless it is bias due to 501st point of view. These pages are normally in the category Need to Battlefrontize
  • While we are at it, all Battlefront II articles must be written from the campaign's 501st trooper's point of view.
  • Move all the real-world or "Canon-for-Star-Wars-But-Not-In-Battlefront" facts within the article to the trivia section.
  • Remove unclear pictures. We can always get new ones.
  • Remove unnecessary categories from pages.
  • Be creative and specific, you can even add battle tactics that is usable for a unit.
  • Make a few things more equivalent to the game, so no overpowering weapons that are not actually overpowered.
  • Some pages are largely unknown to some people due to Mod downloads or an award weapon they never achieved, while others are just never have been tried or seen before; these pages are in the category Need Confirmation.
  • Of course, keep a lookout for vandals.

Now, remember to have fun while you are doing these things :) !

(Kingo, Chance, you can add more to the list if you like)

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