Okay, I bet at least once in your wonderful life that you received a lecture about Cyber-bulling. Sure, its boring, time consuming, and it got the "deja vu" feeling every time you hear one. Most people do find it easy to sink in, but sinking in and remembering it is another matter. Lets just say this: whatever you do here and on ANY website leaves a digital footprint that any novice hacker can follow.

Leaving something as little as an IP address can lead anyone to your location. Call me a spy (I am not) but I tracked my IP and the program is pretty darn accurate (even tell my internet service). And for our marvelous younger users, know that Universities and Collages (heck, even some high schools) check the internet under your name and basically check your interacting skills. In the Tech-Era, who needs papers for diploma? Just check in real name in web and I will willingly bet that they will find your true behaviour.

So for safety precautions, heed the following steps:

  1. No real name mentioned in this wiki. That include your "User tab" in your user page.
  2. Don't ask people how old they are, and you do not give out that information. If someone want to know your age, I guess they have to predict by your sentence structure.
  3. No mentioning what city/state/province/area you live in, as much as we trust you, there is "predators" out there.
  4. DO NOT USE THE WIKI WHILE RELYING ON THE SCHOOL'S INTERNET! (For younger users, you should be paying attention in class anyway. But more importantly, if someone know the IP is a user in here, and check your school IP, they know what school you go to.)
  5. And the boring but useful: Try (no, do.) to be polite with everybody. Assume good faith.
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