I am sure everyone in this wiki wanted Battlefront 3 AKA The phantom project AKA The sequel that will never show it self. But we, as the Battlefront Wiki can change this! We are left to one option: Mail, not Email, George Lucas and LucasArts. In the signature part, please tell your role in Battlefront Wiki, for example, in my case,


Battlefront Wiki Administrator, (My real name goes here)

To my English friends, this is also critical for you due to it shows Mr. Lucas and LucasArts (which you address by Dear Sirs and Ma'ams:) that the intrest of BFIII have been felt over the Atlantic. Same goes to the other nations who is kind enough to contribute here.

Remember, the mail must be written in a formal fasion. And this is a bussniss letter, not a friendly, so please use the correct format.

Mr. Lucas' address:

George Lucas

Lucasfilm Ltd.

5858 Lucas Valley Rd.

Nicasio, CA 94946




P.O. Box 29908

San Francisco, CA 94129-0908

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