Hey, guys, sorry to write another blog so soon, but I have come up with an intresting experiment: Testing Wikipedia Reaction time. I want everyone to participate if they want. To other admins, this idea may sound verrrry insane. For users here with Wikipedia account, DO NOT DO THIS EXPERIMENT. In short, we are going to put in non-factual bit of ridiculously off-topic section into Wikipedia. An example would be if the article is about birds, put in something about moles or earthworms. Now the next step is simple: Go to the page history until one of the admins on there undo your edit. Then you report the time between your edit and his (or her) on the comment of this blog. Then, LEAVE ARTICLE BE, (I don't want you to get blocked). So lets say I edit at 3:29 PM (UTC) and he/she edit at 3:32 PM (UTC) then I will write in the comment "0:03" for three minutes (Not seconds). If it goes over a day (highly unlikely if your article is exaggerated enough) put in "01:02:03" if it is 1 day, 2 hours, and 3 minutes. Why am I asking some of you to do this? I want to try to prove that Wikipedia is a reliable source and that there are always guys that watch over the artcle. How am I suppose to do that? Simple: Average the times.

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