Hey, users of this wonderful wiki! I got some news for you that might excite some of you!  I, after years of promise, will be working on a Mod that I imagined around two years ago, and so far I only told Chance (Erex) about this idea (sorry Kingo and other users, Chance was the only user at that time that I could talk to on chat for a long time.) If anyone of you got high experiance on making textures, props, and other stuff, please contact me and I will probably need your help. I am just gaining experiance via documentations on the download, which has been helpful, but some is not clear. I hope this mod is good for my first time.  If any of you modders know how to incorporate Hunt, please, tell me, thanks. Also, I would much prefer if you contact me by my Email, though note that I take time to reply from time to time. In addition, all I know now is that I need LVL extractor for some oddball reason, requested by Chance. And to Chance, I am willing to say I lost my notes, but work on the mod based on memory. And the only era this mod support is Conquest. I will make sure to incude this wiki in the Acknowledgment on the Readme. After I make this mod, I will tell you what it is called, but please, I probably need critic advices....Cheerio!

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