If you missed today's announcement, DICE just revealed that Instant Action (or Skirmish as it is now called) is indeed coming to Star Wars Battlefront! After a free patch on July 20th, we'll finally be able to play Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron offline against bots. Hopefully they'll add more modes later, but nevertheless I'm hyped, perhaps even more so than the DLC releases. Please tell me your thoughts about it in the comments!

Also, more Imperial skins and SPACE BATTLES confirmed for the Death Star DLC!

Speaking of skins, DICE lead MP designer Dennis Brännvall has announced on twitter that there will be a large update to customization, with female versions of the Scout, Shadow and Shock troopers, and all faces (human or otherwise) available for the Bespin Wing Guard. That said, it is currently unclear when this will release. What do you want to see for more customization?

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