First of i would like to say sorry, my first post was intended as a blog but i posted it as a wiki, bit of a derp momet right. my post was about the ineptitude of the AI, particuarly the way they handle their weapon system.

something i notice is when they see a sigle unit they will squeeze their trigger like jabba squeezes twi'leks, the result is a barage of laser bolts at one unit and the fast you fire the more spread they become and the result they cant hit the broard side of a barn and you have to account for their piss poor aim.

another thing i mentioned is how they dont learn so they think "wait when i fire fast my shots go every where, hmm time to take it slow" and come to think of it why cant they cosntantly learn in BF3 should their be one, like a jet trooper going toe to toe with jedi and then do it again, and again, and again or in a space battle rebels will engae in dog fights using a Y-wing or an LAAT, and the Awing is atacking the cruiser

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