As the Imperial Legion marchus on Talus they found something disturbing. A Rebel contingency killing civilians. The Imperials then opened fire on the rebel scum protecting the civilian populace. The rebels fought back a battle that ensued for 2 weeks. The 321st Imperial Assault Legion was engaged in heavy combat and lost the 3rd and 4th Brigades, they then called in a garrison of AT-ST's and AT-AT's but they never arrived due to the anti-air turrets around the planet shot down the AT-AT barges and Sentinels that had Imperial Soldiers. The Battle caused 2,500 Imperial lives and 4,500 Civilian lives. The Emperor himself has ordered the destruction of all Rebel affiliated worlds for their terrorism. The Empire announced that the Empire would fight back at every turn the rebels showed their face their true face, they claim they are the "good guys" yet they killed 4,500 civilians who were unarmed? When the battle was over the Stormtroopers were praised in the streets and rejoicing all over the system commenced for another 2 weeks. The Empire has declared war on all rebel sympthaziers.

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