Ok guys I have fixed the Comlink a.k.a the forum. Ok so here is what is to be expected

Help Desk is to ask people what they need to know about battlefront II.

Watercooler is anything off topic like halo etc.

Mods: This is a new forum category, this is to place mod ideas, and if we can get some modders on here, we can possibly get a team to work with you, only if we get some modders, and if they want to.

Request: This is a new forum category. This category must be watched constantly, becasue what we will be doing with this, is to ask for an image, article at my or Kingofall42's disposal, or adminship, this will require me and Kingofall42 and my approval, there will no longer be anyone getting beaurcrat status anymore, you can now only be and administrator. To be clandestine about adminship me and kingofall42 will have an email conversation, so that people cannot see what we are saying.

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