The competion for a special award named after you on the wiki will be held. If you can find an Scurrg H-6 Havoc bomber, for Star Wars Battlefront II(Mod) then you will win the competion. And the rules for the competion are:

  1. If you find a mod with the Havoc then send me a link to the site.
  2. If you cannot find it then you create a mod for that ship.
  • If you find the mod and give me a link, then edit the image so it matches the wiki standards of grey background without a space or ship backround in it.
  • If you make the mod then you must have the same parameters of the top bullet, but you must upload it to filefront. The mod can be a replacement, or a totally new ship(but you will have to program it for that).

Rules for disqualification

  • If your "mod" ship isn't from Star Wars Battlefront on any mod forum, or on filefront, then you will not get the award, however this will not ban you, but it will keep you from ever being an admin, why cause you lied.
  • Your ship doesn't include weapons.
  • Your ship isn't a havoc, meaning it was photoshopped, now if you can photoshop that good, send me a message cause we will put you to work photo editing.
  • I don't like the image you uploaded:Image too dark, not cut out, its from the behind where i can see engines, however if you include multiple shots all must be cutout and uploaded to the ships page.
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