Erex Malren/Erius Maldex

Imperial Navy Commando Captain

Class Trooper
Homeworld Coruscant
Favorite Weapon E-11s
Rank Colonel
Kill Ratio .7(7/10)

Erius Maldex is a trooper for the Galactic Empire. He was trained to be the deadliest soldier on the battlefield, with his Imperial Navy Commando Training. He has been in many battles. He was present during the battle of Hoth(Our Finest Hour). He was ordered to find and eliminate the Wookie Smuggler known as Tarrful, who was at the battle. He killed Tarrful, but was injured himself. After he recuperated he was stationed at Tatooine at the Dune Sea garrison, where many confrontations was experienced by the hands of Tusken Raiders. He was known for his charisma, and was held in high esteem, but was assassinated by a Rebel Sniper.


During the Galactic Civil War he was the first in his class at the Military Acedemy on Carida, he experienced my battles, but he was slow to be promoted due to his class. As an Imperial Navy Commando, he wasn't supposed to be promoted, as often as a stormtrooper. He then was given command of Theta Squadron, a squadron within Beta Company in the 501st Legion.


He was known to carry a DLT-19a Heavy Blaster Rifle. As his side arm he carried a DC-15s Side Arm Blaster.

Primary Weapon: DLT-19a Heavy Blaster Rifle E-11s
Secondary Weapon: DC-15s Side Arm Blaster DC-15s
Grenades: 4 BCCK Thermal Detonators BCCKBCCKBCCKBCCK
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