Since everyone thinks that I'm just going to burn you out due to the modding. Until I get a gaming rig, the Havoc competion will be put on hold. Yes I am a modder, but my laptop can't handle the games I'm modding so until further notice the competition will be put on hold. And for the record here is how to mod

1.) Go to filefront and download the Battlefront SDK this is the Battlefront System Development Kit, and then go and download the Batttlefront Model viewer this will allow you to extract the models. Then get the Battlefront modding tools found.

2.) Install the SDK and the modding tools.

3.) Come up with a mod, for instance the Havoc.

4.) Create the model by following instruction so on how to create a 3D model.

5.) Alert me, and you might have to program it or just replace something with it, but the programming might require you to rename the model to replace it with.

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