Scurrg H-6 Havoc Bomber

Ya, I hope that we can find an mod that contains the Scurrg H-6 Bomber.

If we can find this ship in a star wars Battlefront mod, then you will be my hero, why? Lets discuss why, first of all, I will go buy a computer, buy battlefront II, then download this mod, then make a wiki page for it. Why you ask? Well its my favorite starfighter of all time, and its also the most beautiful ship I've seen ever, except the Recuscant class Light Destroyer. So If you can find this ship, I will congratulate you, and I will love you forever(But I already love all my editors). So heres the deal, first one to find it will have an special award started after the editor to find, then we will create an archive of the award, and last but not least You will be the first recipant of this prestigous award. It is equivlent to the Imperial Medal of Honor ok, guys its good. And only one person a year will get this award.

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