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Rise of Skywalker is nearly upon us! Although DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II has switched up its cadence of monthly content updates in favor of two updates in December in anticipation for Rise of Skywalker,[1] Star Wars Battlefront Wiki certainly has something for November!

I am pleased to mark the completion of the Name Change Project that was announced over a year ago but had not made significant ground until the past two days. Now, linking to articles from DICE's series has never been easier. Just about everything from DICE's series will be easier to find now that they are not sub-pages ("/DICE"). Want to look up one of Han's abilities in DICE's Battlefront II? Just go to Han Solo!

As part of this project, articles about a subject from the original series—games by Pandemic Studios and Rebellion Developments—that have a counterpart from DICE's reboot series, have been moved to a sub-page ("/Original") of the DICE page. So information about Han Solo in Pandemic's Star Wars: Battlefront II can be found at Han Solo/Original.

Special thanks to Fandom staff member Technoobliterator and his expertise for helping the admin team finally complete this project!

Full changes have been listed below for posterity.


File:SWBFII DICE Boost Card Han Solo - Smuggler Wits large.png

Han is pleased

  • 1,181 pages changed
    • Moved 90 pages such as Han Solo to Han Solo/Original
    • Moved 90 pages such as Han Solo/DICE to Han Solo
    • All links throughout the wiki adjusted to point to new page names
  • Template:GameVersion changed to automatically link together pages of the same subject from DICE's series and the original series, given that they have similar page titles


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