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Hello there! The Chosen One Update is fast approaching and with the unidentified large scale game mode looming on the horizon, the wiki is testing out two new wiki features, the Message Wall and Article Comments, in hopes of encouraging user discussion.

Message Wall

Head over to your profile and you will see the section that was once "Talk Page" is now "Message Wall." Leaving a message for a user will now create a thread on that user's Message Wall that he/she, along with you and anyone else who joins in, will be notified of any replies to that thread. Try it out by sending yourself a message.

Article Comments

You can now comment on articles! The goal of this feature is to encourage discussion on a particular subject. Please be aware that just like on the Discussions board and on user talk pages (now Message Walls), the Community Guidelines will be enforced in the Article Comments section.

Additionally, Article Comments have replaced article talk pages, so if you have a question about the article's contents or would like to request an edit, put it in a comment on that respective article.

Not perfect

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Given these features are in testing, they can be disabled if they cause any issues. To reiterate, the goal of these new experimental features, specifically article comments, is to encourage healthy discussion of the Battlefront games. If they are used for any reason less than such, appropriate action will be taken, including the issuing of a block.

From the administrator team,

Lamosq1027 (talk) 17:47, February 18, 2019 (UTC)

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