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Hello everyone,

As you might have heard, the progression system for DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II is being completely overhauled. As such, wiki information relating to progression (such as mentions of Star Cards coming from loot boxes, or how to level up a class) will have to be revised in the coming weeks.

More information on the progression changes have been revealed via the Developer Q&A's both on reddit and the official forums, and this info can begin to be integrated into the wiki starting today. Here are the some of the biggest goals for the next few weeks:

  • Crafting Parts will be phased out as of the new update, and thus the wiki's corresponding Crafting Parts page will also be phased out. It won't be deleted, but will be preserved as a record of the...let's say, dark times. But, if you see any mention of Crafting Parts on any page, know that that should be deleted and replaced with new info regarding how to now unlock that item (which will become more clear come the update). Some info of how this will be handled can already be found in the Dev Q&A's.
  • We still need a Loot Crates page, but mentions of loot crates giving Star Cards should be removed and replaced with newer info, specifically of how Star Cards are now bought with experience/skill points.
  • Due to the new experience/skill point "currency," please refrain from creating new pages using the Star Card infobox until the update drops and the cost of purchasing/upgrading cards is clearer. That infobox may require some changing, and having less potentially outdated versions of the infobox running around will make the changes easier to implement.

These are the main takeaways from the progression changes that has been revealed so far, but any other information gleamed from the Q&A's is certainly welcome ( just be ready to provide a source ;) ). If you're new here, please don't forget to review the Star Wars Battlefront Wiki Manual of Style and Community Guidelines.

Good luck editing, and may this update mark a bright rebirth for the game.

Lamosq1027 (talk)

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