Hello, my fellow Battlefront editors.  It's time for me to point out something that matters seriously to everyone who pays for online, and those of Fandom as well.

The FCC is planning to remove net neutrality, which is what allows the internet it is to this day.  Why they want it removed is unknown, although it's likely due to a high amount of greed.  Their substitute is basically forcing you to pay more just to watch websites you want to go to, as the corporations will have the ability to censor and block out websites and force you to pay for them just to use them.  It will also cause internet speeds to slow down to a large amount and make it harder to get to any website.  

I urge all of you users to not support the removal of Net Neutrality, and instead write and call congress to tell them that this type of action for the internet infringes and is a violation of any human being's rights.  

For information about the subject, here are some links: