501st Journal -- Utapau: "Underground Ambush"Edit

In our bones, we knew the war was almost over. The galaxy held its breath waiting to see which side would make the final daring move. As fortune would have it, the Republic moved first. After the Chancellor informed the Jedi Council that General Grievous and the Sep leaders were hiding on Utapau, General Kenobi gathered an army large enough to capture three star systems. When the orders reached the Five-Oh-First, our morale soared. For better or worse, this would be the beginning of the end.


Utapau Underground Ambush Tactical Map


From your commanding officer:

  1. "There is a two-story building just a bit southwest of your position. Assault that command post."
  2. "Capture the CP. It will serve as an excellent lookout point for our mission."
  3. "There's a CP further down the highway. Clear the enemy from the highway and secure the area."
  4. "Well done. Now secure Hangar 10 and we'll send in a drop ship to back you up. General Obi-Wan has landed on this level. He should be able to help your troopers quite a bit."
  5. "By the Force! General Grievous is stationed in Hangar 10! Take him out before he wipes out our forces."
  6. "Grievous is retreating. Well done. There are some AA guns in Hangar 10 that are causing our flyboys quite a bit of trouble. They need you to destroy those guns, then they're going to land the heavy support units."
  7. "Nice work. Destroy the other gun and Hangar 10 will be ours."
  8. "They're landing our heavy support units, soldier. Tanks incoming. Now soldier, destroy that energy tower."
  9. "For the Republic! We are victorious!"

Ending JournalEdit

With the death of General Grievous at the hands of General Kenobi, the Utapau raid had broken the back of the Separatists. Under normal circumstances it would have been a time for celebration. But our next orders put paid to those thoughts.


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