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Venting is a gameplay mechanic in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II. It is used to cool down a weapon once it overheats or when the heating bar is partially full. It serves as a "reload".


It is activated with X (Xbox), Square (Playstation), and R or Left Mouse Click (PC). If the weapon automatically vents due to overheating or being disrupted, the heat meter will lower into a blue and yellow area.

If the player pressed the vent button once the meter is in the blue area (yellow in Battlefront), the gun will instantly cool down. If pressed in the smaller yellow area, the gun will instantly cool down and will not heat for a limited duration (only in Battlefront II).

In both games, pressing the red area overheats the gun further.


Blasters in Battlefront II have varying positions of venting. Some blasters may not have the yellow area at all. Cooling states can be further improved with the Expert Weapons Handling Star Card.

In Battlefront, the "super-success" cooling state is not present, so if you want to keep your gun cooled down for longer, the Cooling Cell is available.