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Victor 2 and Victor 3, also known as Vader's Imperial Aces, are the two TIE Fighters that give the TIE Advanced assistance in combat. They are included in the Death Star expansion pack, and are selectable once the TIE Advanced appears.


These fighters have the same abilities as their standard-issue brothers. However, they have increased health capacity. It is recommended that players use these ships to destroy any high-value targets in Battle Station, these being Rebel Starfighters attacking the Star Destroyer in the first phase and ones attempting to complete the trench run in the third phase. Victor 2 and 3 can potentially be used to quickly turn the tide of battle, especially if the Rebel pilots are overwhelming the Imperials. Be warned though, despite having increased health, Victor 2 and Victor 3 are no stronger than ordinary TIE Fighters and are not heroes, but rather bodyguards. They also have no abilities of their own, and instead use the basic abilities a TIE Fighter has as well.