Victory II-class Frigate
Basic Info
  • Frigate (SWBFII) (SWBF:RS)

Galactic Empire

Galactic Republic

Ship Details

Frigate Defence

A Victory II is a support ship and frigate for the Galactic Republic and Galactic Empire. It is impossible to dock or spawn a ship or transport inside the frigate, as it does not have enough room. The frigate is used as a first defence before enemy ships get to the Capital ships, and it also can be relief to pilots who are trying to escape enemy pilots. The frigate is armed with auto turrets. The Victory-II class star frigate, was designed originally to be a cruiser tender, for use only to escort the bigger ships. However, some other variants were created for Anti-Starfighter use. These were first used by the Republic, then the Empire. These ships had very few stolen from the Empire, instead the Rebel Alliance decided that the Nebulon - B was a better steal.



  • It is seen in the Republic space maps in the far background, though not reachable.
  • In other media this ship is known as the Victoria-class Corvette. This is a better description as the ship is too small to be a frigate.