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A victory pose is a cosmetic item featured in Star Wars Battlefront II that depicts a player's character model in the end of round screen featuring the top five players of that round. As of the Elite Corps Update, victory poses are purchased with either Credits or Crystals. Each Class (Assault, Heavy, etc) and hero have their own unique poses.

Victory PosesEdit

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Dark SideEdit

Boba FettEdit

Missioncompleted Puthiminthecargohold Menacefromabove Legendarybountyhunter
Mission Completed Put Him in the Cargo Hold Menace from Above Legendary Bounty Hunter


Bornpredator Initforthepay Reptilianinstincts Fearedbountyhunter
Born Predator In It for the Pay Reptilian Instincts Feared Bounty Hunter

Captain PhasmaEdit

Veterancommander Notoriussurvivor Onmycommand Relentless
Veteran Commander Notorious Survivor On my Command Relentless

Count DookuEdit

Iamsuperior Youshouldreconsider Unimpressed Notworththeeffort
I am Superior You Should Reconsider Unimpressed Not Worth the Effort

Darth MaulEdit

Nomatchforme Revengetaken Unrelenting Sithlord Vigilant
No Match for Me Revenge Taken Unrelenting Sith Lord Vigilant

Darth VaderEdit

Giveyourselftothedarkside Darklordofthesith Anger Lackoffaith
Give Yourself to the Dark Side Dark Lord of the Sith Anger Lack of Faith

Emperor PalpatineEdit

Galacticemperor Goodgood Turntothedarkside Unlimitedpowah
Galactic Emperor Good, Good Turn to the Dark Side Unlimited Power

General GrievousEdit

Iknowthislooksbad Jedihunt Doom Consideryourselfcrushed Duelist
Lines of Death Jedi Hunt Doom Consider Yourself Crushed Duelist

Iden VersioEdit

Atyourservice Infernosquadcommander Problemsolver Masterofcombat Loyalty
At Your Service Inferno Squad Commander Problem Solver Master of Combat Loyalty

Kylo RenEdit

Finishwhatyoustarted Rawpower Fulfillourdestiny Powerofthedarkness
Finish What You Started Raw Power Fulfill Our Destiny Power of the Darkness

Light SideEdit

Anakin SkywalkerEdit

Iamready Illtakeyounow Onward Brace
I am Ready I'll Take You Now Onward Brace


Wheresmymedal Thewookieewins Laughitupfuzzball Thiscarpetshootsback
Where's My Medal? The Wookiee Wins Laugh It Up, Fuzzball! This Carpet Shoots Back


Resistancehero Comeandgetit Incharge Bigdeal
Resistance Hero Come and Get It In Charge Big Deal

Han SoloEdit

Agoodblaster Weregonnahavecompany Heyitsme Thescoundrel
A Good Blaster We're Gonna Have Company Hey, It's me. The Scoundrel

Lando CalrissianEdit

Winninginstyle Everythingyouheardistrue Heregoesnothing Buckleup
Winning in Style Everything You Heard is True Here Goes Nothing Buckle Up

Luke SkywalkerEdit

Jedihero Masterskywalker Heretorescueyou Notafraid
Jedi Hero Master Skywalker Here to Rescue You Not Afraid

Obi-Wan KenobiEdit

Shallweduel Fightningstance Obi-wan-dabobi Obihmm Strangebutanimated
Shall we Duel Fightning Stance Soldiers, with me Contemplating Body and Mind (animated)

Leia OrganaEdit

Rebelcommander Savingourskins Princessonduty Fearlessleader
Rebel Commander Saving Our Skins Princess on Duty Fearless Leader


Awakened Icandothis Myplaceinallthis Waysoftheforce Determined
Awakened I Can Do This My Place in all This Ways of the Force Determined


Powerfulyouhavebecome Sizemattersnot Feeltheforce Jedimaster Serenity
Powerful You Have Become Size Matters Not Feel the Force Jedi Master Serenity

Updates Edit

Elite Corps Update

  • Made victory poses purchasable through Credits and Crystals.

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