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The Viper Probe Droid is a Power Up in Star Wars Battlefront obtainable only by the Empire. The Rebel equivalent is the R5-D4 Droid.


This Droid patrols the immediate surroundings, scans for enemies, and attacks them on sight.

When deployed, the Droid moves around a small radius, and attacks any enemy player on sight. Any kill the Droid gets is counted as a kill for the player who deployed the Droid. If the Viper takes too much damage, it explodes.

The droid can be locked onto with rocket or missile weaponry, dealing high damage to it. Despite having a blaster to fight back, the droid cannot shoot any vehicles, or the R5-D4 droid.

A good way to counter the Viper Probe Droid as infantry is to crouch under it and destroy it. but be careful because it can run you over. this prevents the Probe from locking onto you, but make sure you aren't exposing yourself to other opponents when you do this. Another way is to use the Scatter Gun because it can take care of it with only one use, but must be aimed carefully.