Walker Assault is a forty-player game mode in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront that centers around Rebel Alliance soldiers calling in Y-Wing bombers to destroy Imperial AT-AT walkers. In order to call in their Y-Wings, Rebel soldiers have to activate uplinks scattered around the map and defend them from Imperial forces.

Objectives Edit

Rebel Alliance Edit

The Rebel Alliance must destroy a group of incoming AT-AT walkers. In order to gain the upper hand against them, they must call in aerial Y-Wing strikes to lower their powerful shields. The ability to launch these strikes is governed by uplink relays scattered around the battlefield. The longer the Alliance controls a relay, the more Y-Wings can be brought to bear on the AT-ATs. Once a Y-Wing has struck, the AT-AT's shielding is temporarily lowered and the walker is vulnerable to concentrated, conventional attack.

Galactic Empire Edit

The Galactic Empire must keep the Rebels out of the relays long enough for the AT-ATs to reach targeting range. They should rally to defend vulnerable walkers when their shields drop. They also need to plan a defense for when the uplinks are offline to prevent Rebels from re-activating the uplink . On Endor, there is only one AT-AT due to the large trees surrounding the area. On Bespin, there is only one AT-AT due to dense urban environment, making it near impossible for large vehicles to easily traverse the city. It is also slightly smaller.

Heroes Edit

Rebel Alliance Edit

Galactic EmpireEdit

Vehicles availableEdit


Concept art of an uplink, which calls in Y-Wing bombers.

Rebel AllianceEdit

Galactic EmpireEdit

  • AT-ST (playable throughout, max of two )
  • AT-AT (weapon systems only, controllable throughout)
  • TIE Fighter (available only in first phase, max of three)
  • TIE Interceptor (available only in second phase, max of three)
  • Cloud Car (Bespin expansion only, max of two)


These are the maps that Walker Assault is playable on:



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