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Wampas are large, humanoids that live in the ice caves of the planet Hoth. Wampas are to be found on the Hoth: Echo Base map in the original Star Wars: Battlefront II. Their attacks include a combination of punches and trampling which are very powerful. They are most effective at close range, and can move very fast. They can kill most infantry in 1-2 hits, so once they get close enough to you, you're most likely dead.

In Star Wars: Battlefront II, they are only playable in Hunt on Hoth.


Name Image Ammo
Claw Generic Infinite Use
Smash Generic Infinite Use

Strategies in defeating a Wampa[]

  • Your best bet for taking down these creatures is laying down a mine, then shooting them with a blaster pistol to get them coming towards you, causing them to step on the mine.
  • Don't even think about using a sniper against them. The only way a sniper would work is if you had the beam rifle, the damage increase, and got a good headshot on it.
  • Engineers are quite useful against Wampas. A combination of the award shotgun and detpacks should be enough to take them down.
  • A rocket to the chest and a few blaster pistol shots is another way to kill them.
  • Due to their large size, it is sometimes possible to stay just out of their attack range using terrain, and just fire bolt after bolt into them until they die.
  • Another way is to get in a Hoth Dish Turret, charge it full, and make head shots.
  • A Wampa can take a rocket at close range, so get farther away from them in order to get 1 hit kills.
  • A combination of a sniper rifle, blaster pistol, and teammates should be enough to take a Wampa down.
  • The Wampa is considered the most dangerous class in Battlefront II, excluding heroes.
  • A Wampa's charge attack can kill a Wookiee with one hit.
  • Wampas can be considered the fastest infantry class, with only Jedi & Sith beating them.
  • Engineers shotguns are effective up close, but that is where the Wampa does the most damage.
  • All classes with a grenade launcher or rocket launcher are the most effective against the Wampa in range.
  • Wampa's smash attack is similar to Mace Windu's, and anyone within the radius will be dead.
  • Wampa's secondary attack is also a 1 hit kill for wookiees, thus making it a 1 hit kill for all classes.
  • Wampas are the strongest class in the game, making them one of the best classes for combat.
  • Wampa's intelligence is quite low and they will tend not to see their enemies unless the enemies are close.
  • Wampas will sometimes attack their own kind in an effort to kill their enemies.


  • They resemble the Yetis of Asian legend.
  • Wampas in Star Wars: Battlefront II apparently resemble albino Wookiees with the exception of having horns.
  • Wampas tend to eat tauntauns and other animals unfortunate enough to wander into their paths.
  • A Wampa is seen in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. It knocked Luke unconscious and dragged him to its lair on Hoth.
  • The Wampas were very likely to make their debut in Star Wars Battlefront 1, as there is a snw side folder, and a .req file called "snw_inf_whompa.req" located in the REQ folder.