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The following article/section contains information about mods or modded content, and is not considered to be canon.

Wave Mode in the Death Star

Wave Mode is an exclusive bonus download on Version Pack 2.2. It is set in the Dark Times and you are to eliminate enemies on the battlefield. The characters are usually Sith and sometimes gunmen. In order to play in this mode, go to a map on "Instant Action" (only for PC) and click a map with wave on it (which has a clone trooper's helmet). Note: YOU MUST STAY ALIVE IF NOT YOU FAIL. You will have a target in some like the Emperor or Darth Vader and you must eliminate enemies on the battlefield. After a minute or so a new wave will begin and enemies will come from a spawning point, so don't stay on a place where an enemy can attack you. You also are given new Force powers and melee attacks.



One of the Wave Modes are Coruscant. You play as Starkiller and if you choose the hooded one you face the rebels and the regular you face the Imperials. In the rebel mode, you must fight the rebel militia seen on Rahm Kota's starship in the Force Unleashed. There are also new characters like Mon Calamaris, Kel Dors, Bothans with rifles, rebel vanguards with explosive launchers, and new rebel guns. Your target is the Jedi member Shaak Ti and you must eliminate her. In the regular version, you must face the Imperial Army. There are troops also based on the Force Unleashed like Stormtrooper Commanders, EVO Troopers, and more blue striped Stormtroopers. You must eliminate the Sith Darth Maul in order to win.