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A Geonosian flying

Wings are the anatomical parts of a species that allow them to fly. In the Star Wars: Battlefront series, only the Geonosians are shown to have wings.


The purpose of wings is to have the unit fly. They are the equivalent of the jetpack used by the Jet Trooper. They act exactly the same minus their looks and may or may not appear on the unit when not flying.


The Geonosians are the only species with wings. In the in-game model, there are two pairs of wings and are actually a separate model apart from the Geonosian. When in use, the wings will flap rapidly in a vertical fashion. Since they are flapping very quickly, they don't need a very detailed design because it is hard to see them.  Nevertheless, the actual look of the flying wings are highly under-detailed, only having a couple shades of color.


  • The Geonosian in Star Wars: Battlefront does not have wings on its model. Instead, the wings only appear when the Geonosian is using them for flight.
  • It can be assumed that the wings for Geonosians have the same flight time and replenish time as the jetpack in all ports. The PC port has the same time for both, so it is likely that it is the same across all ports.
  • It may be possible that there are four wings for the in-flight animation. At the beginning of the animation, there are four wings, but later there are two. It may be possible that they overlap as seen in the following picture.
  • In the film, Geonosians are seen using four wings for flight.
  • As seen in the Geonosian ODF files, wings are just a type of effect for propulsion. Therefore, if one was to add the flight ability to a unit, they could choose between wings and fire (jet pack flame).
  • One of the many reasons why developers use a separate model/animation for objects like wings is because the animations of the unit's model can't keep up. That means the Geonosian's body model animations can't keep up with the rapid flapping of the wing animation, so the developers make them separate models, which is much easier.