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"Wookiee Warriors are strong and loyal to the Rebel cause. Equipped with bowcasters, powerful traditional Wookiee weapons, they are impressive fighters. Their most destructive asset is the THERMAL IMPLODER."
— In-game description

The Wookiee Warrior is the Enforcer Reinforcement unit for all Light Side factions—the Galactic Republic, the Rebel Alliance, and the Resistance—in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II.


The Wookiee Warrior is equipped with a Bowcaster and three offensive abilities. Its role in the Battlefront II metagame is to dish out large amounts of damage to enemy teams, capable of ripping through infantry. While its Bowcaster is incredibly powerful, it is held back by a slower rate of fire - forcing it to often take cover and strategically attack enemies as opposed to advancing with brute force. Its three abilities all assist in this role, each helping in gunfights and other close-quarters combat.

Appearance Edit

The Wookiee Warrior is a Wookiee pigmented in various shades of brown. Its nose is stubby with large nostrils, its eyes beady. The Wookiee itself is clad in shoulder and body-based armour, notably resembling the Wookiee Tarfful from Revenge of the Sith.


  • Thermal Imploder: A powerful grenade with a large explosive radius, high damage output, albeit a longer detonate time.
    • Damage: 200
    • Cooldown: 33 seconds.
    • Area of effect can be increased by ​20%/40%/52%/80%​ with Explosives Expert.
  • Overload: Adds a further two blaster bolts to the Wookiee Warrior's Bowcaster and increases its rate of fire, while also drastically decreasing movement speed. Firing each shot will decrease its duration.
    • Duration: 9 seconds. With Expert Weapons Handling, this increases to ​10.53/11.97/12.87/14.94​ seconds
    • Cooldown: 15 seconds.
  • Fortify: Increases the player's current health by 175.
    • Duration: 18 seconds.
    • Cooldown: 22 seconds.

Star CardsEdit

Boost CardsEdit

SWBFII DICE Boost Card Enforcer - Survivalist large SWBFII DICE Boost Card Enforcer - Enforcer Training large SWBFII DICE Boost Card Enforcer - Expert Weapons Handling large SWBFII DICE Boost Card Enforcer - Explosives Expert large SWBFII DICE Boost Card Enforcer - Battle Hardened large
Survivalist Enforcer Training Expert Weapons Handling Explosives Expert Battle Hardened


  • Strong against: all standard infantry at close range
  • Weak against: lightsaber-wielding Heroes, starfighters, and long-range fights

Being equipped with the Bowcaster, the Wookiee Warrior is capable of one-shot killing all Specialist, Assault, and Officer infantry should one of its bolts be hitting the head - although it is strictly limited to close range incursions, losing its effectiveness at range.

Its three offensive abilities - Thermal Imploder, Overload, and Fortify - are all capable of providing adequate offensive support to the team and ripping through infantry - and even certain Heroes.

When aiming, the horizontal blaster bolts on the Bowcaster will instead become vertical, making it more powerful as it will now perfectly spread across an enemy's hitbox. It is advised that the player aims as much as possible, although hip firing (as to leave the blaster bolts horizontal) can be used to hit multiple enemies at once, and is slightly more mobile than aiming.


  • Thermal Imploder: due to its high damage albeit slower detonation time, the Thermal Imploder is useful for weakening pursuing Heroes or picking off infantry. Notably, throwing the grenade right behind you - as to block the way for pursuers - can be a good way to get into cover quickly and heal. Its longer detonation time grants it a better range, as it is less likely to detonate mid-air and more on-target, forcing longer-range attackers to move while it detonates.
  • Overload: increasing the number of blaster bolts on the Bowcaster in its duration and drastically decreasing movement speed, Overload should be used to swiftly pick off infantry when the player is low on health. When aiming, it can notably two-shot kill most Heroes should all of its bolts hit, giving the Wookiee Warrior the potential to two-shot kill (and defeat) Heroes.
  • Fortify: by adding 175 health to the player, Fortify is best used when weakened or being attacked, allowing the player to sustain more hits. This is especially useful when fighting a Hero.

Enforcer Training is by far the most useful Star Card for use on the Wookiee Warrior, giving it bonus health upon defeating an enemy, negating its rather slow health regeneration. In addition, this allows the player to plow through multiple enemies at any given time, augmenting its ability to kill hordes of enemies.

Battle Hardened is particularly useful too, allowing the Wookiee Warrior to take more hits. Should this Star Card be of Epic rarity, it will increase the player's health by 20%, giving it 384 health, again assisting it with killing groups of enemies. Battle Hardened synergizes well with Enforcer Training, as the latter negates the drawback in having a slower health regeneration on Battle Hardened.

Survivalist is helpful for negating its slower health regeneration, benefited by the Wookiee Warrior's ability to sufficiently escape and cover from enemies.

Explosives Expert increases the area of effect on the Wookiee Warrior's Thermal Imploder. This makes it a more potent threat to defeat a larger group of enemies, but over the above Star Cards, it is far more situational, especially on smaller game modes like Blast and Strike where the Wookiee Warrior is more prevalent.

Expert Weapon Handling increases the duration of Overload, helpful for fighting Heroes, but, due to the temporary nature of Overload, can be a waste of a slot.

While the Specialist class will have difficulties against the Wookiee Warrior in closer ranges, its powerful sniper rifles and ranged potency make it a threat to the Wookiee Warrior at longer distances.

The Heavy class - particularly when using the Combat Shield - can deal large amounts of damage to the Wookiee Warrior, and, as its Bowcaster is dependent on hitting powerful shots due to its low rate of fire, breaking through shields can be difficult, as all variants require two shots to be destroyed by the Bowcaster, and the Heavy itself requires another two, even with headshots. Assuming you hit all of your shots, the Heavy class is still equipped to put a decent dent - or, perhaps, even kill - the Wookiee Warrior. The best response thereto is to use the Overload ability.

Simply overwhelming the Wookiee Warrior can be done, too, as the Bowcaster requires good accuracy due to its slower rate of fire. Missing shots can make it vulnerable to getting picked off by opposing infantry.

Lightsaber-wielding Heroes are able to stun the player with their powerful lightsaber blows, meaning, should the player be cornered or otherwise, they can be outmatched at close range.

The likes of Aerial Reinforcement can pick the Wookiee Warrior off due to their fast movement, making it difficult for the player to get a strong hit on them.


  • While Wookiees were shown fighting for the Galactic Republic as early as Pandemic Studios' Star Wars: Battlefront, this is the first time they are actually playable in the Clone Wars era, as opposed to just being AI support.
  • The Wookie Warrior's Bowcaster's horizontal spread behaves almost identically to the one featured in the 2005 version of the game, however, the DICE version does not feature a supercharged single bolt firing mode.
  • Their middle ability, Overload, was previously known as Frenzy.
  • They are the only enforcer for the light side (Republic, Rebels and Resistance), being present in all Galactic Assault battles except for Geonosis: Trippa Hive     


General Grievous Update

  • Lowered the speed multiplier when zooming to match the one from the Death Trooper.
  • Reduced start and end damage per Bowcaster bolt.
  • Reduced base health from 350 to 320 points.

1.0 Patch

  • A glitch involving the Wookiee Warrior's Overload ability was patched.
    • Before, manually putting the ability in cooldown would reset the ability, allowing it to be used again immediately.


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