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Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki is a Wikia based site which was started on March 4, 2005 by Chad "WhiteBoy" Barbry to open a collective knowledge source for Star Wars. This Wiki is deemed "official" by due to their contents that are kept on the accepted continuity level. This site is constantly regulated by its large body of staff, who keeps a watchful eye for every edit that is done. The users that regularly uses and edit the content of the website are deemed "Wookieepedians."

Due to its official status, the content are regularly edited for optimal quality and are protected by a creative licence. This means that any form of offence to copyright is dealt with swiftly from their administrative level.

Copyright Notice[]

For the safety of this Wiki and to prevent conflict, any article within this website that look too much from Wookieepedia, input a template Wookieepeia ( {{Wookieepedia}} ). The action of copying and transferring content between Wookieepedia and this site is strictly prohibited. Such action will receive a one time warning; continued action will result a block. Please note that due to their broad topic, and a vast amount of information per topic, cross-information may occur. Please precisely state that the content was not a copy, but rather a coincidence due to similar subject matter.

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